Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cold and Flu Season, Thou Art Mine Enemy

This stinks. Bridget was sick, then Bill, and now me. The good news is that it is relatively mild at this point. I am not grumbling about being sick because I don't physically feel good - I'm grumbling because it is such an inconvenience! I want to be able to watch Ellie for Ben and Mandy, and darnit, I can't do that when I'm sick! I'm grateful that minor colds are our only health issues right now. We really are blessed in that way. I just hope we get to feeling better so we can help with Ellie! (And for anyone who doesn't know Ellie, her blog is one of my links. I watch her while her Mommy and Daddy are working/at class.)

On a side note, I have lost 9 lbs.! Bill and I are counting calories with Fit Day, and it is going okay. I hope we can keep this motivation going!

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Sandy said...

Maybe you are being too nice to your cold. He feels welcome to stay!