Friday, April 17, 2009

A little better

So my little sweet pea has some sort of mouth infection. We don't know the cause, but now she's on antibiotics and she seems to feel better. The doc assured me it wasn't because of something we did, but I still feel bad, and I pray she didn't infect anyone when she thought she was feeling better.

I got to go to Confession today! Hooray for the Sacrament! Praise Jesus for His everlasting mercy and love. I love the way I feel after Confession, and I pray that God will grant me the grace to keep away from the sins that I struggle with.

Let's see - this weekend - I'm thinking of going home for the day because Bill needs a good day to work on stuff without the beautiful distraction that Bridget often provides. I asked my mom what she was doing on Saturday, and when I said we were thinking of coming down, she used this really sad little voice to say, "Come and spend the day with me." Okay.

Bill just started using a sleep apnea mask. It is a CPAP machine to keep his airway open while he sleeps. We'll see if it helps his energy level. Poor guy was waking up 40 to 80 times an HOUR because of apnea. No wonder he always feels tired. The CPAP machine is going to cost a pretty penny, but I'm just deciding not to worry about it. We've had so many unexpected bills lately - car problems, medical problems, unexpected expenses - and at first I freaked out, but what's the use of freaking out? Everything will work out. We will work hard and do what we can, and God will take care of the rest.

And now I must go. Bridget is taking everything off the desk and throwing it on the floor. Fabulous.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sign Me Up

...For the worst mom in the universe award.

1. I think Bridget got hand, foot, and mouth disease. Which sounds worse than it is - it isn't really a big deal, but it can sure make kids really uncomfortable, and it is really contagious. Poor kid was just not a happy camper over Easter. She didn't even get to wear her pretty Easter dress to Mass on Easter morning - I went to Mass by myself because Bill went to Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday. It was nice to go to Mass and focus, but I missed my family.

2. Yesterday, Bridget fell off some playground equipment and hit her head. :-( It was awful. I was standing right next to her. We were pretending to drive using the steering wheels mounted on the side of the jungle gym. She went to spin the wheel, and she lost her balance and fell off the side of the platform, then onto the platform below us, then off onto the ground. I reached for her as she fell, and she went right through my hands. It was terrible watching her little body fall like that - praise God that the playground is covered in the black rubber stuff and it wasn't far that she fell. She is typically so sure on her feet - she can climb anything. She just tripped right off the side. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. The little monkey cried for about 15 seconds, and ran off to climb back on the jungle gym. I was feeling all over her head and body for cuts, scrapes, or broken bones, but that annoyed her more than falling. I ended up calling the doctor just to be safe, and she slept okay and has acted completely normal, so all is well. It was so scary...I will be more careful from now on, although I don't know what I would have done differently.

3. This morning, we noticed that Bridget's gums were bleeding. She brushes her teeth everyday - we thought her gums were swollen because of hand, foot, and mouth, but then when they started bleeding, we called the doctor. I feel so awful. I don't know what the problem is, but I get the feeling it is going to involve holding her down and a thorough gum examination. Poor kid.

Anyway, I'm feeling not so great as a parent.