Friday, May 17, 2013

A really long story, but worth reading

I happened upon this story this week in all the hoopla over Angelina Jolie's news about having a preventive double mastectomy.

It is a really, REALLY long article about how we view breast cancer and if the treatments and education tactics are really working. It was thought provoking, if not a little depressing.

Happy Friday.

No, no, you don't have to thank me.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I have people ask me how I am doing wayyyy more often than they used to. I appreciate that. It does make me feel like they care. It is just a tough question to answer...that is true for a lot of people.

Multiple sclerosis is a tricky disease. One day can be very different than another, and one person's disease can be vastly different than another. I read a story one day about a group of people with MS who are literally climbing mountains. And then I remember the friend in my MS support group who is a few years older than me and can't walk anymore. So unpredictable.

I found this blog entry the other day, and it really explains some of the day-to-day feelings of having MS. Not just the physical feelings of exhaustion and pain, but the psychological feelings. It is a war between living in the moment and planning for an uncertain future. Worry versus letting go. Being aware of my body to prevent injury versus knowing not every pain is due to MS.

So if you want to know what goes on in my mind - read on!

And thank you for caring. :-)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Deep moments, brought to you by a kid's movie

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." - from Dr. Seuss's The Lorax

Occasionally, some of the movies that Bridget wants to watch have a story line that actually keeps me interested and seems to have some sort of deeper meaning. I just saw one of those yesterday - The Lorax.

Yeah, I realize I'm a little late on this...everyone else has seen it already. I'm just slow on this, folks.

But anyway, I'm watching the end of the movie, and that quote that I put above ends up on the screen and the tears started to fall.

It isn't just about the environment, or nature. The beauty of the movie is that that truth can be applied to just about anything in life. About spreading love, kindness, and truth.

Sometimes, teaching the Creighton Model System, I feel like I'm shouting at the wind. I occasionally get burned out and frustrated and I wonder why I try when it seems like the world doesn't care. Then I have moments when I am reminded that I have to care. I have to keep caring and trying. A whole awful lot.

Because I have seen this make a difference to people and bring more love, joy, and peace to this world. And if I don't care, and if other people don't care, then nothing is going to get better.